The vessel


"During a figure drawing class over 15 years ago, I experienced my first head-on collision with beauty. The human form, with all of its intricacies, colors, and imperfections, stopped my blood cold. I needed to share what I saw with others. For years afterwards, the human figure in its imperfect splendor was my artistic focus. Eventually, I moved on to other subject matter, though the intent behind my work remained the same; capturing and transmitting that complexity of beauty.

The Hebrew word for beauty, tiferes, signifies the melding of opposites. True beauty combines all elements into one; love, fighting, sadness, and triumph squished together into one compact unit. My work attempts to give over the perfectly imperfect harmony of that complexity; good and bad, light and darkness combined.

Through experiencing beauty, we can move our mental selves from a place of constricted, narrow-mindedness, to greater expansion, empathy, and resonance. This is the goal of my work."

Rivka is an outspoken activist for recovering artists, insisting that raw, redemptive art-making is the means for mental and spiritual health.

Rivka received her BA in Painting from Rutgers University, and does a daily chicken dance balancing act with mothering three little ladies and finding her way within the greater NY art world.  

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