American Jew, Stay Strong

The  American Jew
is a neurotic mess
he cannot help it.
His mind is in constant battle with the filth of his surroundings
He  gets caugbt in the billboards of insanity      that surround him.

The American Jew
Stuck in the strenches
Has even his own heart and mind as potential enemies
He spies them out and knows their evil ways, if he tries to decipher himself

The Israeli Jew
has an element the American Jew,in his enslaved state, has never yet reached.
The Israeli walks around as if without a care pressing down upon his shoulders
      although in truth,the entire world is watching and judging him,weighing his constant merits/sins
He is light in his step and firm in his faith,
he knows for whom the bell tolls,
he knows he receives everything form Him.
He can laugh deeply,without constantly worrying about where to scurry next (the American Jew,scurrying is his second nature)
He is the product of a Jew born free in his own land.

Fear not,American Jew, you are caught in useless battles and insignificant nuerotic messes and superficial worries
but you are a mighty foot soldier
with so much up against you

Hold on tight
Let go of those physical "lifesavers" and "lifeboats", they are filled with lead to anchor you down
castigate all worries as trivial nuisances fabricated as giants 
Grab onto the real stuff,the real lifesavers, the Israelis,their faith,the Truth
let it pull you up
it's the only way for you to get out Alive.

Poor American soul,caught in the thick of it,
no one hands out medals of honor or purple hearts because noone can understand his battle and triumph.

Oneday,you will reach Israeli soil.
Oneday,you will reach Israeli spirit.
Until then,until you can breathe fully,
hang on. 

You're our foot soldier.