Holding On/Letting Go

After you have a child,it all makes sense

That idea, that truth,that Gd sustains the world at every moment,
That there is no autopilot,
That every moment He's breathing life into this world,
If He skips for a moment,
If He turns His Head, His Mind, so to speak
We will no longer exist
It all makes sense
Because a mother knows and feels that through her mind she sustains her child,
And she can't, even for an instant, truly take her focus away,
So she plays the tug of war game
Mommy time
Me time
Mommy time
Me time
Never fully separating.
It is the yoke on her neck And conversely, it is what sets her free
Through her mind, (she thinks) (she prays)

They will continue on.

Keep on breathing, she prays at night, to the swirling darkness that softly surrounds them,

Her and the angels silently,constantly,chanting
Breathing them into existence at every moment