I'll Tell You What a Mother Isn't

She stood up there and I didn't quite buy it. she had the charisma, her voice crescendoed and extrapolated, emphasizing and articulating in ways that were satisfying and brillant, profound, yet professionally cordial

she was a powerhouse thinker it seemed, as she spelled out her ideas on Ted,
and i didnt buy it
my first thought being-
this is not a mother
though she might have been
but a mother
(i mean a real mother)
 (i mean the way a mother is supposed to be-
and yes, there is a supposed to)
is something else.
she was playing a part
she was adding on power to her costume and flaunting it, trying to attract, to impress
and that a mother doesn't have time to do ( doesn't want to do)
for a mother, as opposed to a young woman with time and excess energy and hopes to wow through her physical frame ,
has been beaten through the test of time
to a deeper place where her voice is thick and gravely and rich
a mother has a rich voice, a booming laugh, that laughs at the heaviness
that needs to impress no one
that commands not from a place of fear of not being listened to or admired
but from a place of truth and justice- for she is grabbing on from the iron bars of wisdom she has acquired through her years of searching through the dust, rubble, chaos for the joy and beauty of childhood
and she does not stand up in front of a crowd flaunting, attracting,wooing
because she has greater dignity than that
because she knows that if they dont see her face if they dont hear her gravely voice if they dont see past her to the Truth
to what needs to be done to what must be done.....
she is not waving anyone over
she needs to woo no one
she is a woman, a mother
and she WILL be listened to
make no mistake about that
and when she laughs, you will laugh with her
because you're in love
with something deep within her and beyond her
and that something is stronger than any physical appendage could ever convince you of her strength.