New York is Quiet

New York is quiet.

Not the type of quiet that fills you when you are overlooking lush green hills, with an awe inspiring range of colors laid out in front of you

New York is quiet

but not the type of quiet when you have this feeling in the bottom of your stomach that no one would know if you keeled over and passed on, if u did this or you did that

New York is quiet

in the uncanny type of quietness that you get when you're walking down an old street, row-homes, apartments built up around you;people's shadows in the windows, sidewalk cracked, old women walking slowly,talking to each other confidentially, old friends, as if they have nowhere else to be,at 10 pm at night, and surrounded by the cars and the homes and the light you feel absolutely alone and tranquil with everything calm.

That's the reason that people can stand New York

is that their New York is different than my New York or your New York,

is that they build up a certain sensory adaptive skin,

so that walking down the street,10 pm at night,it is as if you were alone, surrounded by the lush forests, with no one else in sight, for miles

That's how it's supposed to be,

that suddenly,in the stillness of constant activity, there is a beautiful solitude.