Ode to the Landlord

When inside I stepped

The dust came down,

I stood aghast in shock,

Everything I owned covered in filth,
impossible to stop.
I turned around,
determined now,
I could never return again,
to the filth and scum of Brooklyn's best
of this I was certain.
Never before
had I felt
a human being's contempt so
He had no care whether we breathed or not
His busy mind many places to go.
We screamed and yelled,
His stare was blank,
A shell of a man,
But from the Heavens, a roar came down:
"I have a Master Plan."
And so in man I lost my faith,
but in Gd I was restored,
for through it all, He showed the Path,
we hadn't yet explored.
So when you see the filth rain down,
in sheets that cover your sight,
You mustn't fear the Landlord man
Whose scowl is worse than his bite.
For in the end, Hashem's the King
all else are His Pawns,
and those who search for Emes
Will see the break of Dawn.
Tenants, residents, and your kin,
Quite a fight has broke out,
but in the end, before The End,
A whisper becomes a shout:
"Free us from this tyranny! Show us the Promised Land!"
And you, my faithful foot soldiers, have the Upper Hand.
Keep your sight stern and true, remember He is near,
And if Landlord man approacheth again, you  mustn't ever fear.
Landlord man sits in his chair, locked in a world of sin,
But Hashem delivers us
To a journey deep within.
What a blessing filth can be! It makes us run so
Towards the different perspectives
We hadn't the courage to go.
If you meet that Landlord man,
Shake his hand for me,
For by his attempt to keep us down,
He really set us free.