Take Back the Bath!


There are two types of people in the world; boiled down- those who take showers and those who take baths. There are, of course, those who take neither, those who cannot or will not clean themselves. So we will create a third category, as of now. There are three types of people in the world. 

Let's start again.
Common to the proclamation against baths is the belief that "you sit in your own filth". And yet, don't we do that all the time, regardless of our position? Horizontal or vertical? Aren't we constantly surrounded by our own shortcomings, confusion, concerns? Do we become more or less saturated and obsessed with such filth whilst bathing or showering?
How often in our life do we have the opportunity to be horizontal? Very few. So often, we are vertical, standing, running, jogging, walking, waiting.
The bath is an opportunity to submerge, into another world. Where time stops, and stands on its head. The bath is where we regress into childhood and yet progress into advanced years. We are everywhere and nowhere, within a bubble, and just sitting in the stillness. Surrounded.
The shower is a fairly recent advancement in the history of mankind. But is it progress? Must be graduate once we hit teenagehood to the vertical cleansing position? Do we have no other option?
The choice is ours.
Choose baths in 2015.