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The Wealth Between Us; Cultivating Prosperity In Each Other

At Show Opening of The Wealth Between Us

At Show Opening of The Wealth Between Us

I created these paintings in my past year of contemplation of the power of social bonds.


Somewhere along the years, I stopped getting together “for no reason” with friends.

I stopped making phone calls

I made myself too busy to connect deeper. But I sensed in doing that, I was enhancing my sense of scarcity in the world, always wanting to have more. I wondered if I invested more in people, if I would feel fuller, less in need of more things.

Project: In this past year, I pushed myself to set up one on one conversations with friends that inspired me, for no reason other than getting to know each other. I was afraid to take the leap, but the effort paid off; the quality of my friendships strengthened, and I felt like so much more as a person and that I had so much more. The year convinced me that it is not what we own, but how we share our lives, that makes us feel rich.

Show Opening:

For the opening, I invited the ten women I had invested in most in the past year. Women who I deeply admired. After viewing my paintings in The Wealth Between Us, we sat together in a circle, with wine and snacks, and I invited everyone to share a story of someone in their life who impacted them. Before each woman spoke, I shared what I found unique about her, why I valued her deeply, who I thought she was. The evening was a magical evening of deep connection, and each woman separately contacted me the next day to thank me for the experience.