Personalized Core Figure Drawing Class

The goal of my class is to help each artist get into that highly creative, relaxed yet aware, right brain hemisphere flow-zone where creating is joyful, powerful, intuitive, and calming. In order to do that, creating an intimate emotional and physical space is critical, which is why I want to have a core group, where you will all know each other after the first class, and each class following will feel familiar and comfortable. Most of you have met already. The classes will be in my home, as we are making Hevria House a thing :) , but I will be paying a babysitter to sit in the hallway and in my children’s room the entire time, to ensure that I should not be interrupted. There will also be a sound machine in my children’s room so they cannot hear us.

I want to be in contact with each of you a week before each class ( via text or phone) to discuss what you personally want from the class. Some artists want to release negative or positive emotion. Some just want to have a more technical approach of observing how the body is formed and enjoy that. Some want to experiment with creating art with a specific message. Others want to try painting, or drawing, or implementing color, etc. I will also advise each student on what materials to purchase if they choose to go down that path of alternate materials.

I want to be able to be a support to each person individually, and keep a record of each students’ personal reflections on what they were happy about during their class creations, and what their goals are for their subsequent class, as well as an online folder of each students’ work. One benefit of this method will be to give each artist the sense that their work is about “process” and not “product”, which is essential for healthy creativity.

I will have a set musical playlist before each class, without commercial breaks, to ensure a relaxing atmosphere.

Each class will have a specific focus and plan, though each individual will tailor it differently to their needs and goals. We will be focusing much more on getting into the zone with long poses.

There will be wine and pretzels/fruit provided. There will also be a concerted effort to keep talking to a minimum in order to assist in the atmosphere, though gab will be allowed in the model breaks of course!

I am capping the number to 10 participants.

Each class will be $30, and go from 7-930. Most supplies will be covered, such as paper, charcoal, easels, and the model.