Abstract Movement

From the sky, in an airplane, the farther and farther traveled from the ground, the greater the picture is, the smaller the details. Details are essential, but they are nothing without the big picture. The details on their own are just a piece of the puzzle screaming, “I AM!” To zoom out means to be more aware of the greater plan, to see the design, to get to a greater level in the collective conversation, of “We are”. And eventually, “You are.”


Master of the Universe- Who has formed man in wisdom,

And created within him

Numerous orifices and cavities

It is revealed and known before the throne of Your Glory

That if but one of them were to be blocked

Or one of them were to be opened-

It would be impossible to exist even for a

short while.


The Jewish people-

We are all needed.

We would cease to exist otherwise.

Portrait of a Girl

In Hebrew, the word for face is “panim”, with the same root as the word “pnimius”, meaning inside. The face reflects the inside of a person, it is the communicator of inner feelings, confusions, and elevations. The outside is always a reflection of the inside.

We search the face for answers. When it glows, the soul within it is shining and singing.

An Object at Rest; Man Posing

The human body is never truly at rest. Even when it appears to be, when one is stooped over, tired, his mind is still whirring, always calculating and musing. His blood is always rushing frenetically through his veins, his liver and heart pumping, his neurons firing. Life is always progressing, moving. We just have to tap into it.


If the Jew has anything, he has hope. It is what permits him to joyously forgot all of the tribulations he has gone through, to block out the thought that nations defiantly proclaim their desire to annihilate his existence. It is what allows him to be real, seemingly foolish to the world, but full of something bursting within him that knows at the end of the day, at the End of Days, it will be a beautiful, happy ending. And it is this hope, this Hatikva, that he is determined to pass on to the rest of the world as they look to the sky for guidance. Hope, the Jew smiles, hope. And it will be good. We are coming home. Where we walk, we walk towards Jerusalem. And finally again, Jerusalem has returned to our hands. Hope, the Jew smiles. Hope. And it will be good. The soul of a Jew yearns, And forward to the East To Zion, an eye looks Our hope will not be lost,

The hope of two thousand years, To be a free nation in our land, The land of Zion and Jerusalem.

-From Hatikva, the Israeli National Anthem


Golda. The first female Prime Minister in Israel, beginning March 17, 1969. Born in Kiev in 1898, her family moved to Milwaukee when she was 8. She moved in 1921 to what was then British Mandate Palestine.
At 71  years  old, Golda Meir became the world's third female Prime Minister (after Sirimavo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka and Indira Gandhi of India).

The man is “chochma”;  the seed, the beginning, the idea the inspiration.

The woman is “binah” ; taking an idea and bringing it into fruition , leading into the next step, bringing something down into reality. Taking ingredients and making something actually edible.

Golda symbolizes binah, the strength of a Jewish woman to see what needs to be done and bringing it into a reality.