How Many Jews is Too Many Jews?

I'm not searching for happiness;

I'm thirsting for mind expansion.


When I get my fix, it's always the same response, the same thought:

I can breathe.


Perhaps if I searched long and hard enough, 

I would find it in my Jewish books. 


Instead, I find it here,


In the midst of the New York subway lines

Looking each unique color and flavor in the face,

Breathing a little deeper. 


I wonder if that was part of Avraham's avodah;

Leave everything you know and find yourself 

In the midst of difference. 


I wonder how much we Jews need to disperse and reunite,

And how much togetherness we can take. 


How much do we find ourselves not surrounded by ourselves? 


I see two young women in blue jeans walking,

Nothing spectacularly different;

Just blue jeans, just walking...

And a reminder of the Torah and its wisdom beats softly in my chest.


Suddenly, a woman is in my face, much too close

I look at her startled. 

She's asking me about the subway map;

Me, because I look Jewish Jewish 

She, her face echoing back at me- kind, soft, Jewishly familiar. 


The thoughts don't trouble me any longer 

As I head home

Breathing fully, body relaxed, 

Mind open, 


Marcy NehoraiComment