On Conversation in America

Oh, you were in Israel for the last year and a half, they remark casually. That's nice. So what are you up to now?and i smile poltely at them, and I try to explain about my husband's job, and about my art career and part of me deep down begs them to ask me something else anything about my time there. I can't understand because I know that I had the most unusual, bizarre, life changing experience full of new thoughts and people and crises, and births (literally, metaphorically, spiritually) full of the most ridiculous dosage of Israeli stories you could imagine full of wonder and disgust, hope and terror and I suppose it hasn't crossed their minds, and I dont know where to start. So you ask about what am I doing here how I am going to make a living or maybe why we left Scratching the surface. There is no time, there is no way for me to explain so quickly, there is no way for me to breathe into you a breathe of Israeli air because Manhatten keeps us so fogged up all we can think about is the suffocating present and where we're gonna get our next hit of oxygen. Oneday, before it all fades, I'll tell you tales of exhilirating adventures,, of dreams and visions one day before the sidewalks swallows us alive I'll tell you about the secret of the Israeli spirit and the pride of our people and the wisdom of a thriving nation. I'll tell u about what it means to make aliyah Ill tell u about the brave souls who I saw with my very own eyes attempt to make the leap. One day, I'll tell you. and one day, you'll ask.