9/11 revealed many things to the American public. Surrounded by all of the physical securities- wealth, army, political leanings, we walked the streets confidently. We went to work at the most glamorous places . We felt safe. 9/11 hit, and reminded us that no physical luxury can safeguard against spiritual evil. Against terror.

9/11 is also a wake up call to the American Jew.   A Jew can dress in all of the physical costumes he desires- a suit, a tie. He may be physically indistinguishable from the rest of his society. Yet, 9/11 hits and it reminds him of that something deep within, as his tie and suit begin to unravel.

As Daniel Pearl infamously declared before he was beheaded- “ "I am a Jew. My mother is a Jew..."

No tower, no suit can take that away from us. If we try to hide it, the world will, not always so kindly, remind us of our place, our identity in this world. Our mission is in our minds. Our body is the vehicle,not the driver.