What Happens Here


Suddenly, I'm walking through the streets of Katamon
bright sun shining, squinting as the light bounces of the Jerusalem stones buildings
feeling tension and peace simultaneously floating through the air
I'm looking through the Jerusalem forest
I'm scanning my brain to locate my Israeli cousins
wondering if/when/where they will be called to serve
My mind is sorting through images and places
And walking down the futile ugliness of a Brooklyn sidewalk,
I'm really boarding a green Egged bus,
quietly observing the faces and finding my place to sit
As I stare out the window at the familiar stores and locations as the bus careens around
I'm hearing the singsong voices of Israeli spirits
and the hushed, toned down melodies of political ongoings
Almost three years later,
I've suddenly shifted
From feeling an aching, dull, distant disconnect
from the Almighty Creator and His most beautiful Creation,
the distant mizrach Land far East
(is it really even there?)
To being back, back there, walking up seven flights of stairs to my tiny Mekor Baruch apartment,
and shutting the door tiredly behind me.
My heart, when I hear the news, beats back to Jerusalem
When I hear that my country is under attack
My mind thinks Eretz Yisrael every other sentence
Even when walking or talking care of children or buying bread.
My spirit breathes in Israeli air
Everytime my newsfeed shouts about The Conflict again.
And suddenly,
Brooklyn becomes the mirage,
an empty shell, just a mashal,
for what I need to do with this earth before I go back home.
And suddenly, every Jew on the street,
we meet eyes, knowing,
That something connecting us is happening nearby.
Suddenly, we realize we are not two, but one
Israel, we see you, we watch you
We are with you.
Let's galvanize forces and raise ourselves up
At long last.