The Re-Distribution of Wealth

"The Re-distribution of Wealth"
30 X30
Acrylic on Canvas

About: My husband jokes I've gone socialist. I wouldn't take it that far. But there are some socialist ideas that are so humane and excellent and need to be incorporated into my/our world! Socialist meaning in my terms, the sharing of resources, be it time, energy, or possessions.

Motherhood is one of those obvious ones that is in need of resuscitation in our culture. Motherhood is so inconvenient. The other day I was in a Mac Store, surrounded by fifty other people trying to advance in the world and use their devices to do it, except for one mother with her baby. She was spending her time and energy rocking him back on her and making him laugh as she waited for assistance. What an inconvenience! What a use of energy! But it was also so endearing and hopeful and LIFE.

Mothers are supposed to be surrounded by all this support, as bring in a new life into the world is SO TIME CONSUMING and SO HARD and SO INCONVENIENT and SO IN NEED OF MANY OTHERS around you to help you do it. But everyone is rushing in their individual worlds to get ahead. And yet everyone is suffering from loneliness and isolation! And if we RE-DISTRIBUTED the energy and time, for all the lonely, isolated people to help support the mothers who are desperate for support, if we help raise and grow each other... wow. We will be so much more healthy, human, connected.

That is what this piece is about. The lonely people surrounding by separate from the mother, holding her baby. Raising questions about how to re-distribute our time and energy to become a more sustainable and healthy ecosystem of humanity. If that's socialism, I'll take it.

Marcy NehoraiComment