The Truth Will Win Out, Hannah Senesh


Hannah Senesh represents to me the necessary belief that in the end, all will be good.

She never divulged military secrets despite torture. All the German guards were so impressed and scared of her strength ( one saying "I never met a woman as strong as you before ") . She had an incredible speech at her trial in which she poetically accused the Hungarian government ("Thus it is not I that is the traitor, but you!"). She believed that truth and justice would always win out (as she told the court "When the war is over, you will be tried for your crimes"). In her final hour, she refused a blindfold, refused to ask for mercy, and stared calmly as bullets entered her body.

Behind the image is writing that is mostly painted over, of Senesh's famous poetry " Oh Lord, my Gd, I pray that these things never end.." ,plus the transcript of her entire trial, and her final hour. Never fear , never fear. The Truth will win out. Acrylic on canvas 24 X 36 "

Marcy NehoraiComment