On Giving

As I nurse my daughter, several primitive primordial bubbe like thoughts rush trough my brain - eat eat! I plead to the little one who can always get bigger, fatter, healthier, rounder.

Take everything I have, I offer to her, whatever u need- the minerals, the vitamins, from my blood, my flesh, my bones and sinews, feed yourself
And my morning awakens with these similar basic reminders- eat so she can eat, live so she can live, grow so she can grow.
Knowing that the sustenance that my body churns out magically is greater than any smoothie drink with or without flax seed, I dispense as a conduit the greatest of human creations simply through takin in and giving out.
But - life/Gd warns- you do not rest, I take it away, you stress too much, I take it away. My access to their access of breast milk is half mine and half His, together we work, and He teaches me- this is how you parent; take in, rest, relax, then give.. Repeat..
And i take  notes - take in, rest, relax, and give
Sustenaing existence throughout.
Eat child, Essen, eat!
We work together, simply, magically, sustaining existence.