Talking to 2 Year Olds

The words coming out of my mouth are with concerted effort, finding their target-

" Fire truck- what color is it?" " Red! " What sound does it make?" " Vroom vrrom"
As I try to lay on the attention
and resist retracting back into my own world
where thoughts, realizations, worries and plans connect and combine within
its my instinctive natural home as the mental concoctions joyfully bounce around
But she knows nothing ( wants to know nothing) of that inner world
she wants to be out in the world
and she needs my help to do that; she cannot leave on her own.
So, what do you talk about with a two year old?
As we play blocks, the conversations exists above and around the colors:
"Pass the blue" she says
but really- she's discussing personal identity and future goals; she's stressing her fears and desires and destination and sense of humor, what she would live for, what she would die for
That's why, despite my desires to retreat back into my inner world , I just explore the world with her verbally, for all that goes unspoken, all the exists around the words that we say, give her an understandings of the world around her, her next step, a sense of order and reason.
Surrounding these words I give her are underlying, overabounding words enveloping and clothing these words, that gently assure her that the world has a purpose and a light.
That is why we talk to a two year old- so through our words and attention and all that's left unspoken, we create a bridge from our minds to theirs minds to the MasterMind who is pulling all the strings.
From our mouths to their hearts the world opens up and becomes an object for her to play with, reckon with, rise above.
That is why we must leave out inner caves, and go out.