We All Homeschool

When I wake in the morning, I teach my daughter how beautiful it is to live again. When I handle disappointment and anger gracefully, I teach her that life is a journey and what we don't get isn't the bottom line.

When I look at the world as a place of depth and opportunity for learning, I teacher her that boredom is a self-imposed exile.
When I show love for her father, I teach her that these walls are built from more than just obligation and brick.
When I give her space to think, I teach her that she exists separately from me and that she can handle life independently.
We are not our children's amusement park rides.
We are their teachers, their best teachers.
We teach them what is normal, setting their internal clocks for The Expected
I have "montessori" written all over my home, at every moment.
I'll pick up my paycheck one day, in heaven.